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Our Club continues to have an active core group, and a surprising number of members faithfully show up each month for our meetings and to talk sled. But we’re really not “all about snowmobiling”, we’re an important part of our communities, too. Our Club members hail from three counties: Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan, and we have activities that benefit all of these areas.

Our activities include;

  • Parades, festivals, fairs, winter carnivals – where we feature our club and educate the public about safe and fun snowmobiling.
  • The NYS Snowmobile Safety Course – our club holds one or two safety courses each year to educate the young snowmobilers in safe operation.

    Paul Oomen teaching kids the parts of a snowmobile.
    Paul Oomen teaching kids the parts of a snowmobile.
  • Club Trips – we organize snowmobile trips to various areas of New York State, providing a great social outlet as well as introducing people to areas they might not otherwise get to ride. Our Club has been known to bring 50 people, creating a significant economic impact to the areas we ride. We tend to divide riders into groups, so that families with kids can have a great experience, fast riders can cover alot of miles, and the photographers who like to stop frequently ride with like-minded folks. Recently we’ve ridden in Delaware County, Tug Hill, Rome, and Speculator, with more to come!

    Riders take a break at "the Gorge" on Tug Hill.
    Riders take a break at “the Gorge” on Tug Hill.
  • Club Picnic – each year we start the season off with a picnic at a local park, bringing members together and thinking about snowmobiling!

    We all bring a dish to share, making for an interesting meal!
    We all bring a dish to share, making for an interesting meal!
  • The Big East – we’ve carpooled, and actually had a bus trip or two to this annual event, where club members can see the latest snowmobiles, equipment and safety gear, and buy at reduced prices.
  • The NYSSA Educational Forum & Annual Meeting – each year we send a contingent to represent our club and vote on important statewide snowmobiling issues.
  • Christmas Cutouts – we have a fun get together weekly, beginning in late summer, to create the unique,hand painted plywood cutouts that we auction off at our Holiday Party.

    The coveted snowflake brings the most at auction each year!
    The coveted snowflake brings the most at auction each year!
  • And our Holiday Party is always well attended! Santa always makes an appearance, with toys for all the good little girls and boys.

    We're really all about the kids!
    We’re really all about the kids!
  • We’ve donated money through a program we pioneered called “Downstate Helping Upstate“. We were the first club to offer monetary assistance to upstate clubs – those that provide trails – since we no longer have trails down here.
  • Scholarship Raffle – each year we hold a scholarship raffle that benefits up to four students in the community. Scholarships are given for Small Engine Mechanics, Law Enforcement, and Nursing.
  • Toys for Tots – another benefit to the community, we collect toys at holiday time to be given to needy children.
  • Food donations – At Thanksgiving we collect donations of food from our members, and purchase turkeys to donate to a local food pantry, helping others in need.

Come ride with us! never know WHO you'll meet!!! never know WHO you’ll meet!!!

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