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Membership forms are available at each meeting.
This Club would prefer to meet new members at a meeting,
but if you wish to join online you may.

We ask that you please try to attend some of our regular Club meetings.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV)snowmobile registration fee is $100 unless you are a member of a NYSSA Member Club in Good Standing (SMSRC is such a club).

When you fill out a membership application and pay your dues, you will receive an official voucher from the club. If you join online, you can print the voucher out right at your home.

Submit the voucher to NYSDMV (keep a copy!) along with your registration renewal and pay only $45 for each sled owned.  New! You can now renew your sled online!

NYS Residents:
Out of State Registrants:

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Dues for an Individual club membership are $45/year and Family dues are $50 — However, these fees include the purchase of 3 Scholarship Tickets.  A family includes children up to age 17. You may also join as a Trail Defender for an additional $20, which goes into a fund dedicated to the preservation of our trail system. Individuals 18 and older must become individual club members.

Please remember it is the clubs that build, maintain, sign, offer safety courses and establish our nearly 11,000 miles of trail. Without the clubs there are no trails and without members there are no clubs!!!!  

If you would rather join a club where you ride in another area of New York State, you can go to NYSSA’s Website  and contact the club of your choice.

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