The following history was related to us by Tom Uberto, Sr.

Back in the 1960s, we had those real old fashioned winters.  Plows couldn’t keep up with the snow! We had one blizzard after another.

There was a restaurant/bar on Weed Road & 52, called the Cobblestone – it caught fire.  We had just about enough people and enough ability to get the firetrucks out of the firehouse to the lake at Lakeside; cut a hole in the ice & pumped water.
Sleds were used to drag the hose from that point to the fire.  The sleds brought equipment back and forth, brought refreshments to the fire fighters, and helped in many different ways.

It was discussed that possibly a club could be formed, and pretty well started at that point when Lloyd Greer Sr was our first President.  After we got started we were able to get a rescue toboggan, and a couple times over the years when we had bad storms, we wound up on Oregon Trail. A few times women went into labor and we used our sled to bring them out.

Another time we had cut trails up in Cragsmoor and we didn’t take the brush back far enough; one of our younger members was riding and hit a branch, it impaled him.
Fortunately we used the rescue sled to get him out, got in contact with Ellenville ambulance and got him to the hospital.  It was a long road to recovery, but he did recover.

In 2006, we held our 35th Anniversary Dinner.
IMG_7185Also in 2006, we were awarded the prestigious NYSSA Club of the Year Award.  NYSSA President Bob Perry attended our event, and presented the award plaque to SMSRC President Fred Hallock.

2006-club-of-the-year IMG_6406

In 2007, our name was changed to the Shawangunk Snowmobile & Rescue Club, reflecting the sad fact that the “Mountain” (Shawangunk Ridge) is no longer a place where we can ride.

In 2008, we purchased a Skidoo Skandic, a work sled that is rugged and powerful and more suited to rescue operations. Prior to this personal snowmobiles were used, creating a liability issue for their owners. We’ve featured our equipment at events and taken it to local fire departments to provide them with some training.
Tom demos Skandic 060_13A (Small) coldenham

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